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About Our Practice

Hearing healthcare and wellness is important for all ages and choosing the right hearing healthcare professional for you or your child should not be a difficult decision to make. Here at CRM Audiology, you will receive professional and personal services that you and your family deserve, from comprehensive hearing assessments to audiological interventions including best practices in hearing aid selection and fitting, and ongoing support and counseling. Our philosophy is focusing on the whole person and making hearing solution recommendations to fit every individual's lifestyle and personal needs.

CRM Audiology also specializes in the assessment and treatment of Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD). We accept both private and school referrals and work hand in hand with families and districts to help develop treatment plans and accommodations for individuals who present with CAPD. Treatment ranges from work and classroom accommodations, auditory training and use of assistive listening technology and/or low gain hearing aids. 

Additional services include counseling, collaboration with other related service providers and physicians, hearing protection, cerumen management, and early intervention/preschool services.