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Hearing Healthcare in Westchester County

At CRM Audiology, we offer a wide range of hearing healthcare services for individuals of all ages. Our hearing specialists are skilled in the areas of childhood hearing loss, adult diagnostic procedures, hearing aid selection, assistive listening technology, and the development of effective communication skills through aural rehabilitation. Whether you or your child are dealing with hearing loss or another hearing disorder, we can help you.

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Hearing Tests in Purchase, NY

If you suspect something isn’t right with your hearing, the first step is a hearing test. Our audiologists can administer a hearing test and take a case history to determine how hearing loss impacts your day-to-day life. During your initial appointment, we will perform a series of tests, including:

Auditory Processing Evaluations

What is auditory processing?

Auditory processing is, “what we do with the information we hear.” Auditory processing disorder is the inability to attend to, recognize, discriminate, or understand auditory information you “hear” and listen to. When a referral is made for an auditory processing evaluation, whether for an adult or student, we will request information in the form of personal, developmental, and academic histories (if applicable).

Similar to a hearing test, we will test you or your child’s hearing ability including their audiological awareness and auditory attention both with and without visual input. If auditory processing disorder is diagnosed, we offer a number of treatment options including counseling, assistive listening technology, and strategies for advocacy at school or in the workplace.

For Auditory Processing Evaluations please contact our office today!

Cerumen Management

Cerumen (earwax) can build-up inside your ears causing discomfort or muffled hearing. We can safely and effectively remove earwax in our office.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus, widely known as, “ringing in the ears,” affects millions of Americans to some degree. Patients report tinnitus as hearing a ringing, humming, buzzing, whistling, or whooshing sound in their ears or head when no external sound is present.

If tinnitus is affecting your quality of life, we can perform a tinnitus test to determine what has caused your tinnitus and how it affects you. We offer a few different tinnitus treatment options including counseling, tinnitus retraining therapy, acoustic therapy, stress management, tinnitus music therapy, and hearing aids. If you have tinnitus in conjunction with hearing loss, hearing aids can help by distracting your brain from the symptoms of tinnitus.

Our audiologists are experts in tinnitus management and can help stop ringing in your ears.

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Evaluations: We work with many of the major hearing aid brands to offer a wide range of hearing aids to our patients. After we’ve assessed your hearing, we will recommend hearing aids that will be most helpful for your individual hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Repairs: Sometimes accidents happen, or something doesn’t work quite right with your hearing aids. Our audiologists are experts in hearing technology and can repair your hearing aids in office.

Hearing Aid Cleanings: We provide regular cleanings of your hearing aids to ensure they are performing their best. Dust, dirt, earwax, and other debris can build-up inside the tiny components of your devices, causing them to malfunction. We can deep clean your devices, keeping them working their best for you.

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Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids

Bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) are a solution for particular types and severities of hearing loss. Unlike hearing aids, bone-anchored hearing systems are surgically implanted devices. They treat hearing loss through bone conduction of sound vibrations to the inner ear – opposing to regular hearing aids which amplify acoustic sounds that enter the ear canal. If you have a child who would benefit from a BAHA, contact us today.

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Hearing Protection

Loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in people of all ages. If you are a musician or you enjoy listening to live music, you could be putting your ears at risk. At our hearing clinic, we offer custom hearing protection to prevent noise-induced hearing loss or tinnitus. We offer:

If you are concerned about your hearing, contact us for an appointment today. We can take a mold of your ears and create custom-fit earplugs for ultimate protection.

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